Just Relax !

Relax Massage 

traditional massage

Relaxing and soothing massage for body and mind.

I will apply pressure to certain points on your body,

 it will release tensions in your muscle tissue at a deeper level

Natural aromatic oils are used to achieve optimal relaxation which ensures that your body and mind relax.

Full body massage -         60 min:           €  65,00
Back - Neck-Shoulders -  30 min:            €  45,00
Lower legs / foot -            20 min:           €   30,00
Massage at home is possible in the Altea area     +  € 25,00

Relative contra-indications;

Hypersensitivity reactions
Mild vascular disorders
Raised blood pressure
Non contagious skin diseases
Varicose veins 

All massages are for pure relaxation.