Body therapy

Soft and Effective

Emmett- technique is a muscle release therapie to support the restoration of movement and balance.
A unique technique for body and mind.

Soft and effective.
A safe and simple therapy to relax muscles and improve movement restrictions.
A method that uses light finger pressure on specific points.                                                                               

Emmett-technique work with:
- stress and tension
- sports injuries
- movement restriction in the neck and shoulders
- disturbed lymphatic system and breathing
- migraines and cluster headaches
- abdominal pain and intestinal complaints
- persistent pain in the heel and foot
- dizziness and blocked sinuses
- pain in back and hip
- limitation in the knee and ankle
- edema
- urinary tract

Emmett-Technique  60 min    € 60,00 

Mix treatment  Emmett-tecnique/ massage   60 min   € 65,00