What is the lymphatic system? 

The lymphatic system is a system of lymph nodes and lymph vessels that run throughout the body. If you feel under your armpits, around your neck, and by your pelvic area, you can feel your lymph glands.

The lymphatic system carries a colorless liquid called lymph that bathes the tissue to form tissue fluid that collects bacteria, waste products, damaged cells, and cancer cells (if you have any).

The  fluid will drain back into the lymph vessels and travel to the glands where the glands filter the lymph taking out any harmful substances. The lymph then eventually reaches the thoracic duct ( a large vessel at the base of the neck), which then passes the filtered lymph back into blood circulation.

Let´s get into exactly what lymphatic drainage is. Using lymphatic massage to boost lymphatic drainage has a lot of benefits. Lymph contains lymphocytes, which are white blood cells that helps fight infections making lymphatic drainage crucial for a strong immune system.

Lymphatic massage requires very gentle pressure that only works the superficial skin structure where the fluid gets trapped. Light pressure moves stagnant fluid and directs into the organs that can adequately remove harmful toxins.


+ Strengthens the immune system and fights off infections

+ Reduces swelling, water retention, and bloating

+ improves digestion

+ Reduces cellulite, scar tissue, stretch marks, and acne

+ Minimizes stress and fatigue while boosting energy

+ Can help with more serious problems like insomnia and fibromyalgia

Taking care internally is just as important as externally when it comes to lymphatic drainage .  Deep breathing is one off the easiest and most simple way to improve lymph and toxin drainage. Beyond that , foods especially superfoods packed with herbs, greens, and minerals that promote gentle detox.

Lymphatic Drainage  40 min   €  45,00