Hotstone - Massage

When you are looking for a de-stressing and relaxing massage, a hot stone massage offers the solution.

During the hot stone massage, delicious oils and warm basalt stones are used to relax the muscles, improve blood circulation and promote your general well-being.

Basalt is a ferrous, volcanic and hard rock with a high density.

In addition to relaxation, a hot stone massage also removes waste and relieves various physical complaints.

The stones are heated to a pleasant and tolerable temperature and will provide an unforgettable massage.

The massages vary from 60 to 90 Minutes and are very soothing and relaxing.

After a hotstone massage you will feel recharged and your body is full of new energy.

For whom?
Hot stone massage is especially for those who want to relax and need new energy. In addition, it is especially suitable for people with joint problems, muscle problems, back and neck complaints, nerve pains, poor circulation, hormone complaints and tensions and stress

Hot-stone massage 90 min  € 85,00