About me and Crystal Bliss Altea:

My name: Monique Hendrikx

Grew up in the heart of the Netherlands, on the edge of the beautiful city of Utrecht.

The wellbeing of humans, animals and nature are central to me. I have received my training as a Natural Medicine therapist in Utrecht .  I learned the trade of aromatherapy at the college in Meppel  

Through many wanderings I finally ended up in Altea.   In the mineral shop On the Rocks I learn a lot about working with different kinds off minerals for health and well being for human and pets. 

This has now developed into a special blend as a Mind and Body  Practitioner. 

Providing  Energy healing where I channel Universal life Force into the cliĆ«nt, harmonize, balancing the naturel flow off  the Chakras.

Holistic massage therapy, stimulates the body " rest and relax"  nervous system, it counters both physical and mental stresses. 

Nutrition advise, information and guidance on healthy eating habits.